CBS ’60 Minutes’ “How the Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine for Covid-19 was developed”

Part of a 20 minute segment of the one hour program that aired on “60 Minutes” on CBS. It shows many of our Bigneat Floor Standing Class II enclosures and the Hamilton Vantage systems robot moving blood samples around inside the enclosure.

Bespoke Design

Bigneat’s engineering design team offers a complete ‘turnkey’ design solution. We use the latest AutoCAD and Inventor Suite design software enabling 3D imagery of bespoke designed systems. Creating the perfect working environment, where safety and accessibility of working machines is maximised, has never been more important than it is today. Creating the ideal containment solution demands vision and design expertise.

Bigneat commits to ‘earn and learn’ by joining The 5% Club

Bigneat Ltd. has showcased its commitment to developing its people by joining The 5% Club, an industry led initiative focussed on driving momentum into the recruitment of apprentices, graduates and sponsored students.

The 5% Club, initiated by Leo Quinn Group CEO of Balfour Beatty in 2013, is a movement of more than 300 employers providing ‘earn and learn’ opportunities to develop the skills and talents people need to become more employable and create meaningful careers.

Companies joining The 5% Club commit to raising the number of apprentices, sponsored students and graduates on formal programmes to 5% of their total workforce within five years. Members are also asked to publicly report their progress in their Annual Report. Existing members range from SMEs to FTSEs and cover a number of diverse industries, from engineering through to the legal sector.

Bigneat are proud to be a part of the 5% club as we understand that it is our responsibility to play our part in the critical skills development of the youth of our country. We are committed to future generations and our future employees to enhance their personal growth and career opportunities.
Iain Gore (GM)

Gill Cronin, Director of Operations of The 5% Club said, “We’re delighted to welcome Bigneat into membership. The 5% Club provides a fantastic network of HR professionals, sharing and learning from each other.

All our members share an ethos of creating a skilled workforce through ‘earn and learn’ development programmes, helping people develop meaningful career paths.”

To find out more information about The 5% Club and how to become a member, please visit or get in touch by emailing Information about the campaign can also be found on Twitter, and LinkedIn.

For more information about The 5% Club visit 

5% Club

BIGNEAT LTD – Protective Barriers

Bigneat has expanded production capacity in our Acrylic / Perspex fabrication facility to meet the demands of physical, protective barriers to aid in the prevention of Covid-19 contamination.

The wide range of screens can be manufactured to suit a wide variety of customer requirements including, shops, banks, offices, pharmacies, petrol stations, reception counters etc.

In order to facilitate a quick delivery and an even quicker installation we have our “Speed-Fit Covid19 Screen” that can be assembled in seconds and requires no additional tooling or fitment by 3rd parties.

The Speed-Fit Screen is a free standing screen available in any size to suit your requirements.

In addition to these screens we are able to manufacture many other variants and would welcome your enquiries.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact our office for pricing and availability or on email

Protective Barriers

Protective Barriers




BIGNEAT LTD – Covid-19 – Coronavirus

With the rising concerns surrounding the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, we, at Bigneat, wish to keep our valued customers informed of our Business Continuity Plans.

The safety of our employees and our customers remains of paramount importance, yet we understand that many of our customers are still operational, many due to the challenge of tackling the Covid-19 (Coronavirus).

The ongoing manufacture of our products is to ensure that our customers have the facility to procure the necessary operator protection cabinets, microbiological safety cabinets and associated equipment required for their laboratory processes to continue as seamlessly as possible.

With this in mind, Bigneat is continuing to operate as far as possible with our servicing, manufacturing, production and sales related functions, albeit with certain necessary adjustments that have been implemented to cover necessary tasks only.

This includes the majority of our office based staff operating remotely, in line with our business continuity plan, all operators are capable of working with full access to email, telephone and conference call facilities.  Field service engineers are continuing to support our customer site installations, certification, validation and filter change requirements and will operate with additional PPE to provide additional physical barriers for health and safety reasons.

These functions are in-line with Government mandated advice and hence are subject to change as necessitated by Government guidance and until such time will continue to operate as far as possible.

We will continue to communicate with you, our customers, however should any further information be required, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For additional information please refer to the following links for guidelines as provided by various governmental agencies.


Isolation items for Virus prevention

Bigneat are collaborating closely with automation and leading Pharmaceutical companies worldwide to help contain the research and development screening for the COVID-19 challenge. Personnel safety is our priority and we will strive to do all that we can to help delay the spread of this current virus pandemic.

Bigneat Ltd has over 50 years’ experience in Recirculating Clean Air Technology and Laboratory Containment Systems; our products including Class II Biological Enclosures, Laminar Flow Booths and Powder weighing enclosures have been used by leading Pharmaceutical companies in the research and development of vaccines to tackle outbreaks such as COVID-19. Through our ongoing Product development driven by the demands of  our customers we ensure that our products offer the highest level of performance suited to the application.

Cytotoxic Biological Safety Cabinet - Model BRCYTO-RGB

Biological Protection Enclosure

Successful Exhibition at LAB Innovations

Bigneat recently exhibited at the 2019 LAB Innovations – the largest annual trade exhibition in the UK, which is dedicated to the laboratory industry.


The 2019 Lab Innovations Exhibition was another successful event for Bigneat Ltd with many visitors to our stand. Bigneat used this opportunity to showcase an improved range of our ductless fume cupboards with automatic fire detection and suppression, micro balance enclosures and height adjustable stand options aswell as one of our custom products that form part of our laboratory automation enclosures typically used to house robotics liquid handling equipment.




Bigneat delivers custom designed controlled environment curing system.

Bigneat’s controlled environment curing system with 12 independently operating pods.

Laboratory safety cabinet and enclosure manufacturer Bigneat Ltd has installed a custom designed and manufactured precision controlled environment curing system to answer the specific needs of a leading transfusion diagnostics company.

The company has developed an innovative diagnostic system that will allow automated blood type testing and disease screening, providing significant clinical benefits – significant savings in testing costs and rapid results.

The system utilises highly characterized antigen and antibody panels which require a critical manufacturing process. One step is the precise controlled rate of drying of a liquid solution which provides a solid protective coating.

Bigneat was tasked with coming up with a custom design for a controlled environment drying system made up of multiple drying pods, each with independent controls and constant monitoring of the process parameters. The system would be installed in a clean room environment following the strict guidelines of GMP regulations. The main criteria for the drying phase was to achieve a curing time of 3 – 4 hours per pod.

The system Bigneat designed and manufactured has 12 independently operating pods, each provided with uniform, very dry clean air and with fully automated operation. A regulated dehumidifier and cooling system develops the controlled dry atmosphere and the system features state-of-the-art electronics which constantly monitors the environment parameters and boasts a large MMI touch screen control panel for ease of operator use.

The collated process data is stored in the memory of the PLC controller which has direct connection with the company’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to transfer and store critical data such as manufacturing recipes and alarms.

Commenting on the system development Bigneat’s General Manager of Containment Solutions, Stephen Pratt, said “We worked closely with our client every step of the way to design and supply a fully operational solution, it’s been a challenging and enjoyable process”, he adds “We are increasingly being asked for special designs to solve customer specific process needs and its one of the most enjoyable aspects of what we do.”

Bigneat manufactures a range of standard sized enclosures including with controlled environments and readers are urged to visit the website for more details.

Bigneat offers the widest range of powder handling and weighing stations available

Laboratory safety equipment and enclosure manufacturer Bigneat Ltd manufactures a range of HEPA filtration safety cabinets for user protection for up to OE level 5.

There are four ranges to choose from and your choice will be influenced by the precision of the weighing you wish to undertake. The compact ‘F3-XIT’ is suitable for weighing on a precision balance to three decimal places, however if you wish to way to weigh on an analytical balance then you will need to consider the ‘XIT Plus’ Weighing Station.

The key to being able to weigh with minimal fluctuation is down to two factors, the quality of the airflow in the cabinet and the positioning of the cabinet away from fluctuation causing factors such as doors, windows, people traffic and building vibration.

Bigneat’s cabinets are designed to provide suitable face velocity at the front of the cabinet at between 0.3 and 0.5m/s depending on the application, the flow needs to be as low as possible yet with the ability to contain the airborne particle within the cabinet enclosure and carry it away into the HEPA particulate filter. Bigneat fans have the added benefit of being energy efficient and quiet.

For micro-balance weighing the user will be requiring five or six decimal places. Bigneat offers the ‘Ex‘cel Plus’ range which incorporates aerofoil technology and a graded rear back baffle which together reduce air turbulence and smooths the air flow across the width of the of the work surface.

Is your powdered substance carcinogenic or toxic?

A ‘Safechange’ version of the Excel Plus is designed to enable the removal of HEPA particulate filters when required under negative pressure within the cabinet ensuring no powder is released into the fan housing or downstream into ductwork.

This latter cabinet has been thoroughly tested and validated using lactose powder as a tracer agent in repetitive tests designed to simulate real use of the cabinet. There was no detectable breakthrough of any lactose particles during testing. Details of the test are available on request.

Bigneat manufactures bespoke cabinets on request and manufactures all its products in Britain.

Bigneat is awarded the Queen’s Award by the Lord-Lieutenant of Hampshire.

On 17th October, Nigel Atkinson, Lord-Lieutenant of Hampshire presented Bigneat Ltd with the Queen’s Award for Enterprise at their factory and head office in Waterlooville.

The Queen’s Award for International Trade has been awarded to Bigneat in recognition of its outstanding short-term growth in overseas sales of 163% over the past three years.

The Lord-Lieutenant carries out duties in the County on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen such as the presentation of decorations and the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise.

The Lord-Lieutenant was able to meet the company’s employees who made winning the Queen’s Award possible and he was shown around the offices, the engineering design suite and production area where the manufacture of safety cabinets, hoods and enclosures takes place.

Bigneat equipment is used for protection in laboratories undertaking research, experimentation and measurements in biology, chemistry, drug discovery, education, electronics, food, medical, nanotechnology, pharmaceuticals and includes the Chemcap Clearview range of Chemical Safety Cabinets and Powder Weighing Safety hoods.


Robert Monks, managing director explained that everyone could see that the award is a fantastic achievement and recognises their hard work and creativity. “We are delighted to win this award, it raised our company’s profile and it’s instilled a sense of pride and confidence in our employees.”

The award strengthens Bigneat’s credentials within the international market and helps potential users of Bigneat equipment around the world to appreciate the experience and success of the company.

Visit of George Hollingbery, MP for Meon Valley, to Bigneat Ltd in Waterlooville.

Bigneat is a world-class manufacturer of laboratory safety cabinets and supplies companies and organisations across the world. The enclosures they manufacture utilise high performance filtration coupled with sophisticated designs of air flows to provide contamination control and user safety in scientific laboratories.

Bigneat’s customers range from universities, government research laboratories to commercial research.

Winning the Queen’s Award for International Trade

Bigneat was awarded a 2017 Queen’s Award for International Trade in recognition of its outstanding short-term growth in overseas sales over the past three years.

The award followed a determined period of business development including setting up of a new subsidiary, Bigneat North America LLC, in the USA.

A Queen’s Award is renowned as being the ultimate award for a UK-based company and Bigneat soon attracted the attention of George Hollingbery, MP for Meon Valley and Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Prime Ministers Cameron and May, who in early September visited Bigneat’s factory and head office in Waterlooville.

Hollingbery, who prior to politics was an entrepreneur specialising in start-up businesses, is very supportive of companies in his role as an MP. He was given an insightful tour of the design offices and factory floor and he was shown examples from Bigneat’s range; chemical fume hoods, laminar flow cabinets and a robotics enclosure all in production.

During the visit Hollingbery was keen to find out what the award means for Bigneat.

Bigneat’s managing director, Robert Monks, explained that he enjoyed telling the company employees and that everyone could see that the award is a fantastic achievement and recognises their hard work and creativity. “We are delighted to win this award, it raised our company’s profile and it’s instilled a sense of pride and confidence in our employees.”

Not only has the award increased staff moral but it has also noticeably generated great publicity for the company, from social media to emails of congratulations. The emblem is being used within marketing materials adding value to our industry reputation for manufacturing quality products.

Hollingbery commented about his visit, “It was a pleasure to visit Bigneat and tour the premises, meet staff and managers and talk about the economic climate. It’s a tremendous accolade the company has received for exporting its products and contributing to the UK economy and I congratulate them.

“To have such an award-winning company here in Waterlooville is a matter of great pride for me as the local MP and for residents too. Bigneat is just the sort of enterprising and innovative business we must do all we can to nurture and help as we move towards being a major global trading country in the years to come.”

This award strengthens Bigneat’s credentials within the international market and helps promote UK strengths in the specialist scientific market-place.

Bigneat wins major accolade: The Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade

Bigneat Ltd, has been announced winner of a Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2017 – the UK’s highest accolade for business success.

Bigneat, an established manufacturer and leading provider of safety cabinets, hoods and enclosures for science and industry, has been awarded the Queen’s Award for International Trade in recognition of its Outstanding Short Term Growth in overseas sales over the past three years.

Their equipment is used for protection in laboratories undertaking research, experimentation and measurements in biology, chemistry, drug discovery, education, electronics, food, medical, nanotechnology and are also used widely in industry.

Bigneat’s export growth strategy involved examining differing regulatory requirements from domestic & European markets in overseas countries, undergoing assessment as appropriate to satisfy local product certification and establishing new and productive relationships with key distributors in these countries. In the case of the USA, a subsidiary, Bigneat North America, LLC, was set up to provide dedicated after-sales, service & maintenance.

The Queen’s Award for International Trade – is awarded for impressive overseas sales growth of 163% over the past three years.

Robert Monks, Managing Director, comments, “It is an absolute honour to be recognised by Her Majesty the Queen for the success we have achieved over the past few years. As a UK manufacturer, committed to providing industry around the world with technically excellent, safety hoods and enclosures, we pride ourselves on our long-standing heritage and our customer-focused ethos. I would like to take the opportunity on receiving this most prestigious business award, to personally thank all of our dedicated employees for their hard work, enthusiasm and commitment in driving our business forward”, he adds “I feel Bigneat’s position with a broad range of quality products and with excellent overseas distributors, future growth prospects are very positive.”

Bigneat’s has a core strength that has been built upon the combination of the technical skills of its people and their ability to work closely with customers. The company now employs 50 people across the company in Waterlooville, Hampshire, UK and in the USA.

For further information about Bigneat’s Queen’s Award success, please contact Robert Monks, on +44 (0)23 92 266400 or