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About Bigneat

123Bigneat is firmly established as a world-class manufacturer and leading global provider of clean air, hazard containment and safety systems to scientific laboratories and industry.

Applications for Bigneat products cover operator and process/sample protection during laboratory procedures, batch and on-line production processes.

Bigneat’s business strength is based on a capability and expertise built up over many years designing and manufacturing high performance air movement and air conditioning systems utilising Carbon and HEPA filtration technology for capture and removal of airborne hazards both fume and particulate.

Clients include biological, chemical, electronics, food, government, nanotechnology, pharmaceutical, photonics, universities, schools and in industry, for QA/research laboratories and sterile production areas.

As an original laboratory safety equipment manufacturer Bigneat also develops and manufactures equipment that is distributed by third party companies.

Bigneat’s Capabilities & Ability to Support

We are driven by our customers, and by listening to their application requirements we have developed an extensive range of cabinets, enclosures, hoods, rooms and workstations that is second to none. We are extremely grateful for the help and support that we have had from our customers in bringing these products to fruition, products which offer the very best in terms of quality, innovation and performance.

At Bigneat, we do not operate a ‘one size fits all’ strategy.  We work with our customers fully in a true ‘spirit of partnership’ to ensure that the application and process requirements are fully understood and met. We design and engineer complete systems and work with our customers to ensure that they obtain the very best performance from their system and process.

Bigneat’s engineering design team runs the latest CAD design software enabling 3D imagery of bespoke designed systems.

A strong aftermarket service and support team of engineers perform installations and service procedures across the UK and Europe. We have a strong distributor network comprising 25 companies who deal with requests for servicing and repair on a local basis.

Bigneat engineers have a strong blend of design, engineering and technical excellence.

Bigneat employs 50 people across company in Waterlooville and in the North America office which was opened in 2013 to support the extensive installed equipment and users in Canada and the USA.

Our History

Bigneat Ltd was formed in 1972 as a new start up, created alongside engineering and fabrication company, Solent Steel Engineering Group (now Solent Manufacturing). It and EFCO Furnaces, with its roots going back to 1908, operate from the adjacent manufacturing unit.

All are now part of the larger ‘Bigneat Ltd, Group of Companies’, which comprises Bigneat, Solent Manufacturing and EFCO Furnaces. Additionally Bigneat North America, LLC, operating as a separate entity was formed in 2015.

In the early years Bigneat manufactured a ‘standard’ specification range of ductless fume cabinets, powder weighing cabinets and laminar flow cabinets.

In 1988 Bigneat began ‘bespoke manufacture’, designing and manufacturing a range of custom designed enclosures for special applications. Bigneat was able to draw on the skills and their close relationship with Solent Steel Engineering as supplier for the steel casings and sub-assembly operations and with EFCO for their electrical and electronics skills established during their work building electric furnaces for use in the electronics, automotive and glass industries.

Throughout the following decade of the 90s, Bigneat developed its ranges further. Alongside ductless fume cabinets (technology: carbon filtration) Bigneat also commenced production of Laminar Flow cabinets (technology: HEPA filtration).

In 1995 significant growth was being seen in the laboratory automation sector for supplying the R&D sector, particularly drug discovery sciences. Bigneat was approached by a leading liquid handling company and asked to develop a range of enclosures to provide containment and process protection for their robotic systems. This lead into a new speciality for Bigneat.

Bigneat now manufacturers laboratory automation and robotics enclosures – bespoke built and finished enclosures, sizes from a few square metres to large 7 x 4m. Enclosures for operator protection, process protection or performing to class II levels of biological protection with or without a controlled environmentT°, RH or N2/CO2 atmospheres. In this specialism can now confidently state that Bigneat is:

“The world’s No 1 manufacturer of enclosures for laboratory automation”.

This website is designed to give an overview of the products and services we offer. If you don’t see what you are looking for please contact us.