Powder Weighing Stations | Excel Plus Safechange

Powder Weighing Stations

Powder Weighing Stations are suitable for weighing with a Micro Balance to 5/6 decimal places, providing the greatest protection possible for the safety conscious laboratory.

Excel Plus Workstations are used in the laboratory for the most demanding powder handling applications, such as high accuracy weighing, processing of pellets, capsules and tablets and for dispensing of potentially toxic powdered compounds.

The Safechange cabinet in the Excel Plus range has been designed to provide the safest possible operation for both the user and maintenance staff.

Development and performance testing was undertaken with the support of a leading pharmaceutical R&D company.

Excellent operator protection is achieved by enhanced airflow control and aerofoil technology which ensures that containment is achieved and maintained at the very low air flows required for balance stability.

True Safechange Technology

‘True Safechange’ technology eliminates the possibility of contamination either in the laboratory, upstream in ductwork or within the fan assembly.

‘True Safechange’ is a filter change procedure and mechanism that enables the safe bagging, within the cabinet, of spent HEPA particulate filters. Replacement is performed under negative pressure, with the cabinet running.

This is effective alternative to a bag in/bag-out system.

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        Further Information

        ModelDimensions External (WxDxH)Dimensions Internal (WxDxH)
        Excel Plus 10061020 x 812 x 1065 mm1000 x 600 x 669 mm
        Excel Plus 13061295 x 812 x 898 mm1275 x 600 x 502 mm
        Excel Plus 16061595 x 812 x 898 mm1575 x 600 x 502 mm