7 Year Warranty

The 7-year new cabinet warranty demonstrates our trust and confidence our products and their ongoing reliability. This confidence in the quality means we can pass this confidence on to you.

This means 2,555 days of trouble-free use and a lower cost of maintenance. This peace-of-mind provided by the 7-year warranty makes it a lot easier to own a cabinet from Bigneat.

7 year New Cabinet Warranty

**Europe’s longest**

Bigneat is the only laboratory safety cabinet manufacturer in Europe with the confidence in its build quality to cover its ‘standard’ range with an industry leading 7-year warranty.

Key benefits

  • No unforeseen costs other than your capital outlay – you will have peace of mind that your Bigneat product is covered by Bigneat’s manufacturing warranty.

  • Dependable high-level performance at all times – minimises laboratory downtime.

  • Enables low maintenance costs to be achieved – costs of defective component parts are included.

  • The warranty itself is free of charge – during the warranty period.

  • Just one set annual cost – a yearly service carried out by a Bigneat engineer for the full term of the warranty using Bigneat approved replacement parts.

Do I qualify?

Applies to all new laboratory safety ‘standard range’ of cabinets and enclosures manufactured by Bigneat Ltd for use on mainland UK.

What’s the catch?

There is no catch, it’s just like a 3-year warranty, but longer! For details, please see our frequently asked questions and terms & conditions.