Bespoke Design

Do you need us to design and build an enclosure?

Bigneat’s engineering design team offers a complete ‘turnkey’ design solution. We use the latest AutoCAD and Inventor Suite design software enabling 3D imagery of bespoke designed systems. Creating the perfect working environment, where safety and accessibility of working machines is maximised, has never been more important than it is today. Creating the ideal containment solution demands vision and design expertise.

Bespoke Finishing

Bigneat’s bespoke design service is key to your future satisfaction! We have an unrivalled reputation for our extensive engineering skills and ability to customise standard products to suit the needs of differing applications.

Let us amend a standard product, adjust the width, provide amended access for utilities. Perhaps add access for a microscope eyepiece?…the options are endless. Bigneat has a very professional and efficient engineering department.

BIgneat Containment Solutions SLAS 2021 Automation Products Video from Bigneat Ltd on Vimeo.

Bespoke enclosures

Innovative designs and solutions for advancing your research.

Bigneat has been designing, manufacturing and maintaining just about every conceivable style of clean air safety cabinet for more than 40 years. Bigneat enjoys an unrivalled reputation as the world’s most innovative supplier of Laboratory Cabinets and Enclosures.