UK Based

Bigneat is UK Based

Bigneat is located in the UK along the south coast which gives us access to convenient routes to export around the world, to our office in the USA and for service support into Europe.

An efficient UK-based after-market service team of engineers perform installations, validation and service procedures across the UK and Europe. In the USA we have a nationwide service team.

Internationally we have a strong distributor network comprising 25 companies who deal with requests for servicing and repair on a local basis.

Efficient production, efficient service and maintenance.

Bigneat’s engineering design team, manufacturing team, quality and service personnel are situated under one roof, which ensures that it has good internal communications leading to production in a timely and efficient manner.

Bigneat provides the highest standard of products, servicing and maintenance provided to the most demanding industries with exacting standards.

Bigneat utilises ever improving contamination containment technology and is an innovator in this field.

Proudly Manufacturing in Britain

Bigneat has an unrivalled reputation for its extensive engineering skills and ability to customise standard products to suit the needs of differing applications.