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Education Fume Cabinet

The Education Fume Cabinet (EDU) Chemcap ductless fume cabinets are designed to protect from hazards such as fumes, vapours and flying glass. Teachers and educators in schools, colleges and university laboratories can be confident they are working in a safe environment.

EDU Chemcap fume cabinets (ductless, recirculatory filtration) are ideal for use in education, for example for teaching practical chemistry when teacher and students need an excellent view into the cabinet to observe experiments. Furthermore, the cabinet is supplied on castors giving the flexibility to be moved around.

The use of Chemcap™ carbon filtration (type MP) makes it perfect for a mixed use laboratory and removes a very wide variety of fumes and vapours. You can find out which chemicals are retained by Chemcap carbon filtration by contacting us or downloading a chemical retention listing.

With the cabinet running (providing protection) the demonstrator has access into the cabinet through a trapezium shaped front access. Full access into the acrylic enclosure can be gained by raising the double hinged front doors for loading, setting up and for clearing away afterwards.

The base tray is supplied in black PVC which is excellent for highlighting liquid and powder spills. Two services ports, each with a cover, are provided in the rear panel and are typically used for power cable access.

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        Further Information

        ModelDimensions (WxDxH)
        BE 10061020 x 750 x 1130 mm
        BE 1006 with AT0013/021020 x 750 x 1950 mm
        BE 1006 with AT0013/011020 x 750 x 1950 mm