Downflow Tables

Downflow Tables

Bigneat downflow tables draw dust, smoke high quality finish and fumes down past the worktop and away from the operator, the contaminants are filtered and retained by a highly efficient Chemcap™ carbon filter (removes chemical vapours and fumes) or a HEPA filter (removes particulates).

The Bigneat design for this downflow bench provides a robust stainless steel work area surrounded by an extraction grille. This gives the user a firm flat surface on which to safely work.

• Reducing the risk of operator exposure to harmful substances
• Capturing smoke, chemical fumesand vapours
• Increasing employee and operator safety and wellbeing

Bigneat downflow tables take dust and fumes away from your workspace by drawing them down through grilles into the internal filters, returning clean air back to the room.

Downflow tables are designed to provide excellent operator protection and have adjustable fan-speed control providing  optimum grille velocities; 0.3 to 0.5 ms-1.

Tables are constructed from epoxy powder coated mild steel with 304 grade stainless steel grilles and worktop. The ventilation grilles and worktop are fully removable to allow access to filters beneath for easy cleaning and filter change.

Utilising Chemcap carbon filter technology, these downdraft tables can be used for an ever increasing range of applications.
These benches help you to meet Health & Safety regulations and to comply fully with COSHH regulations.

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        Further Information

        ModelDimensions (WxDxH)
        BDT 10001000 x 708 x 1021 mm (Nominal 40" x 28" x 40")
        BDT 12001200 x 708 x 1021 mm (Nominal 48" x 28" x 40")