Flow Cytometry System | LAFC B2 Type

Flow Cytometry System

Aerosol and bio-safety for operator and contained flow cytometry system in a range of enclosure sizes.

LAFC enclosure has been designed as a development of the LA Range LABS and LAC2 enclosures, following years of practical experience and customer feedback.

LAFC enclosures provide down flow sterile air to the work surface preventing contaminants from entering the enclosure when in operation and ensuring protection of the contained samples/process.

Access to the enclosure interior during operation can be gained through the three lower sliding windows within the lower door (access 300mm high). Operator protection is provided by high velocity air (minimum 0.4m/s) passing into the enclosure through this lower door and side windows to provide operator protection from hazardous aerosols. This laboratory air flows into the enclosure and into a profiled grille around the enclosure’s work surface.

Main doors; operator protection is maintained with two sliding windows open. Side doors/panels; operator and product protection maintained for access through side panels.

This enclosure’s air flow system is 100% pass through.

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        Further Information

        ModelDimensions External (WxDxH)Dimensions Internal (WxDxH)
        LAFC2200 x 1300 x 2644 mm (nominal 86.5"x51"x104")2120 x 1100 x 1144 mm (nominal 83.5"x43.5"x45")