Chemical Dispensing Station

Chemical Dispensing Station

This Chemical Dispensing Station is derived from Bigneat’s world renowned Chemcap Clearview Ductless Fume Cabinet.

Chemcap ductless fume cabinets operate with finely controlled air flow and are built and operate to recognised worldwide
Standards for hazard containment as well as operator safety.

Filtration used in Chemical Dispensing Station

Pre-filtration eliminates particles at 5.0μm or larger to an efficiency of 92% as defined in BS EN ISO 779.
Carbon Filtration filtration efficiency of 99.9%, meets BS 7989:2001 Standard.

Performance and Standards

Chemcap Chemical Dispensing Station meets the requirements of major and recognised Standards worldwide for containment
and filtration, for example:
• ANSI/ASHRAE 110: 1995 12-203 (for containment efficiency)


Bigneat’s Chemcap Chemical Dispensing Station is manufactured to a very high standard using only the best quality materials, fans and components.

The fan housing is fabricated from mild steel with an epoxy coated, acid resistant white coating. The enclosure is frameless
and manufactured from optically clear fire-retardant acrylic which is UV stable, chemically resistant and easy to clean. The cabinet is mounted on an epoxy coated steel cupboard with cupboard doors (with magnetic catches) and height-adjustable feet.

The enclosure is equipped with a stainless steel base-tray and tap coupled to the pump in the cupboard via tubing. A cup-sink drains down to the aspirator bottle below. The lower cupboard contains a stainless steel tray to accommodate the 25-litre capacity aspirator bottle and electric pump. A guarded foot switch is provided and pre-wired to the electric pump.

The cabinet operates at a face velocity of 5 m/s which is manually adjustable.

Experience has shown that Bigneat ductless fume cabinets give consistent performance which is only dependent on replacement of the Chemcap filter at recommended intervals or when the filter media becomes saturated.

Chemical Dispensing Station
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        Further Information

        ModelDimensions External (WxDxH)Dimensions Internal (WxDxH)
        FD 8004819 x 560 x 985 mm770 x 520 x 810 mm (enclosure height)