BIGNEAT LTD – Protective Barriers

Bigneat has expanded production capacity in our Acrylic / Perspex fabrication facility to meet the demands of physical, protective barriers to aid in the prevention of Covid-19 contamination.

The wide range of screens can be manufactured to suit a wide variety of customer requirements including, shops, banks, offices, pharmacies, petrol stations, reception counters etc.

In order to facilitate a quick delivery and an even quicker installation we have our “Speed-Fit Covid19 Screen” that can be assembled in seconds and requires no additional tooling or fitment by 3rd parties.

The Speed-Fit Screen is a free standing screen available in any size to suit your requirements.

In addition to these screens we are able to manufacture many other variants and would welcome your enquiries.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact our office for pricing and availability or on email

Protective Barriers

Protective Barriers