Mini II MSC Safety Cabinet is announced.

670mm wide, Operator Safety Cabinet providing operator and product protection.

Bigneat has designed a low energy consumption, small safety cabinet. Named ‘Mini II MSC’, this cabinet satisfies the increasing need to provide operator safety and process/sample protection for a singleuser in the safety conscious and energy aware laboratory.

The conventional width of an MSC is 1.2m and this has suited laboratories across the world for many decades. Whether this size is appropriate for the modern space-limited and energy conscious laboratory is now under review. Most usually a cabinet is used for one person and the question has to be asked, is it appropriate to use a cabinet wide enough for two persons for one? If you are thinking about purchasing a new MSC then the running costs, space taken up by a unit of this size and the initial cost of capital equipment are important considerations.

When an existing customer recently asked Bigneat for a small safety cabinet of this nature the engineering design team decided the best way forward was to develop a new design of cabinet from first principles. The engineers knew that a good starting point would be to use Bigneat’s low energy fan system. With fan power under load at a maximum of 80 watts the energy consumption would prove to be low.

The resulting cabinet has an overall width of 854mm allowing for a wide working aperture with 175mm access height and an excellent bright working area illuminated through three sides of the cabinet or utilising low energy LED lighting.

The system features a TFT touch screen controller, which monitors and displays both the in-flow air, which is factory set and maintained at 0.4m/s or greater, and also the down flow air which is set and controlled at between 0.25m/s and 0.5m/s. Air balance is precisely measured and controlled and should the velocities fall below safe working conditions a visual and audible alarm will be activated.

More details can be found on Bigneat’s website or by contacting them by telephone.

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