Let’s talk enclosure & hood technology

Research the possibilities, at SLAS. Do you need to enclose laboratory automation?

Dear Colleague,

We like the conference tag line for SLAS in Washington DC – RESEARCH: THE POSSIBILITIES, as this is exactly what we want to explore when we meet with you.

Do you need to enclose laboratory automation?

This upcoming conference is a clearly a great opportunity for us to discuss hood & enclosure technology. If you are attending, please visit us on our booth (no. 1416) or call us now if you would prefer!

Here are a few points about our LA Range enclosures:

  • We offer a broad range of standard and custom enclosures and hoods
  • We offer process protection, user protection, bio-safety, controlled atmosphere, temperature control and more!
  • Our equipment is designed to be modular, compact & environmentally friendly
  • We provide a highly efficient installation and after-sales service support

Most importantly:
Our strength is the ability to customize our designs whilst still maintaining the NSF Standard 49 for protection levels, and ensuring maximum protection for the user.



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Have you seen what else we manufacture? Here are examples of our standard range hoods and enclosures:
We offer economically priced protection hoods for improving safety in the laboratory which meet recognized Standards worldwide.

For when you want to contact us here are our details:

For Automation Enclosures

Brian Phillips
General Manager
– Sales & Service North America

Direct Tel: (919) 724-5928
Office: (844) 579-4796
Email: bphillips@bigneat.com

For Standard Range Hoods

Clare Nailor
North America Sales Associate

Direct Tel: (954) 225-7614
Office: (844) 579-4796
Email: cnailor@bigneat.com

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You can visit our website at WWW.BIGNEAT.COM