Bigneat offers ductless fume cabinets and workstations for histology applications.

When hazardous vapours are released in the pathology laboratory then a portable ductless fume cabinet or workstation is highly suitable for protection of laboratory staff.

Ductless Fume Cabinets work by drawing laboratory air past the operator and up through a filter system, removing chemical fumes and returning it clean to the laboratory. The filter system consists of a pre-filter, a high performance carbon filter and optionally a particulate filter.

Chemcap Clearview Cabinets – a range of 6 cabinets from 400mm wide to 1500mm.

Used in thousands of laboratories around the world, Bigneat’s Chemcap Clearview cabinets feature a touch-button on/off control panel with incorporated service due indicator with audible low air flow alarm. View of the working area is an unobstructed all-round 360º and this makes the cabinet comfortable when used for long periods.

Optiflow – a new style of safety workstation.

Optiflow is a small bench-mounted ductless fume workstation (600mm wide) which provides unrestricted access and is suitable for many different procedures in hospitals and laboratories.

The filter system can either be installed with HEPA filtration for particles or carbon filtration for chemical vapours and fumes.

Ductless fume cabinets are chosen for their portability, low initial capital cost and low installation cost – they do not need costly and disruptive building works or services.

Additionally, the filtration of the air within the cabinet has the effect of removing vapours, odours and smells, freshening and improving the quality of the air in the laboratory.

More and more laboratories are using this type of cabinet in order to accommodate the increased need for protection of laboratory staff. If you are interested in considering a ductless fume system for your laboratory please contact AFMS who offer a free assessment service to determine your filter requirements and the suitability of recirculatory filtration for the chemicals you handle.